Restore Your Smile

Bridges – Commonly used to replace missing teeth, bridges can either be fixed or implanted. A fixed bridge is typically made from metals or porcelain and is bonded to surrounding teeth to keep it in place. An implant on the other hand is placed directly into the jawbone and acts as an anchor where a tooth’s root would have been.

Crowns – Crowns serve as a covering to a tooth to improve appearance or strengthen. It may assist in the fitting of a bridge, restore a broken tooth, or simply mask teeth that are yellowed, misshapen or crooked.

Extractions – Making room for adult teeth or preventing mouth decay or decay of surrounding teeth are both common reasons for extractions. Extractions are usually performed during a routine check-up but depending on the situation, a separate appointment may be necessary.

Fillings – Restoration of missing, worn, damaged or decaying teeth may prompt a recommendation for fillings. Fortunately, the materials now used for fillings are more natural looking which translates to a more attractive smile. Ask us about these new materials and how your smile can be restored to look natural as well as healthy.

Obviously there are many options available in restoring your smile to health. A consultation to determine which treatment plan is best for you is the first step in creating a beautiful, healthy smile. As a result, you will leave informed with a treatment plan for best results.

Implants – As briefly mentioned above, implants are an effective method of restoring missing teeth. During an implant procedure, a titanium post is placed directly into the jaw bone. A crown is then attached to mimic a natural tooth leaving a healthy smile.

Root Canal – Pulp inside the tooth that becomes infected often results in swelling at the root tip. A root canal is a basic procedure to remove the infected pulp to prevent further complications. This procedure may involve multiple visits, but will restore your tooth as well as your smile.