Another option for tooth replacement is a dental implant, which is often viewed as more stable and secure than a crown or bridge since it is fused directly to the jawbone. An implant generally takes several appointments to allow the doctor to properly integrate the structure of the implant into the gums and jawbone. Because of this, there are several key times for post-op care.

After various parts of the procedure, some mild soreness is fairly common. To combat this, gently swish cold water in your mouth or apply a cold compress to the sore area. Separate the ice from your skin with a rag to prevent any pain. Also, ask the doctor about pain medication such as ibuprofen that can be used to combat soreness. If you experience a high level of pain call our office immediately.

If you experience looseness in the implant after the final procedure, contact the doctor right away.

As always, wait for anesthesia to wear off before eating anything and employ common sense regarding food selections. Do not immediately try sticky or tough foods, but ease your way into becoming comfortable with your new implant. Most importantly, smile as much as you can!